Guardians of the Grub

Logistics and Warehousing

We understand that careful production and subsequent logistical planning is at the very heart of achieving maximum efficiency and optimization in any industry. Through our deep network of suppliers we are able to market and reinvigorate the of best brands out there to bring immeasurable health and joy to todays conscious consumers. Timely delivery from factory to store is essential in trimming down cycle times and thus catering to the ever changing demands of our consumers. In this way, locking down the supply chain management is of critical importance and we do this by playing into our strengths: from increased frequent temperature monitoring and inspections to increased use of mobile technology, global positioning systems, trailer seals, RFID, and biometrics,we continue to seek newer ways of streamlining our deliveries. This translates into better transit times, while several of our distribution facilities share a proximity to all the various loading ports and rails.

Todi International is also wholly committed to following an environmentally sustainable distribution network by collaborating with prominent third party logistic providers who have adopted a green approach commonly referred to as environmental logistics practices (ELPs). They possess the ability to take more environmentally friendly routes of transport while simultaneously solving supply chain inefficiencies. That is right up our alley.

Cold Storage

The journey from the factory premises to the ultimate consumer is a long one and requires a behemoth sized infrastructural cold chain coordination which is undertaken by Todi International and its handling partners. We have collaborated with domestic cold chain specialists who are owners of state of the art and advances frozen food storage facilities. This aids in keeping the foods at a constant temperature. You can rely on us to meet the most stringent requirements for handling the full back end operations of temperature-controlled foods.

Packaging in the 21st century

Food packaging plays a vital role in preserving food throughout the distribution chain. Without packaging, the processing of food can become compromised. For this very reason we are aiming to develop novel food packaging ideas with some of the foremost packagers in the country to lengthen the shelf life of the food while at the same time boosting its quality and safety standards.

Food packaging is of top priority at Todi International. It provides utmost protection and possesses a successful combination of properties, including flexibility, strength, lightness, stability, moisture and chemical resistance, easy processability, durability and reusability.


  • Sure-fire Freshness
  • Efficient Delivery System
  • Rigorous Quality Control
  • Potent After-Sales Service